Pearl of Adriatic


Sun tanning ointment

Claims and effects

Inspired by tradition for a natural tanned skin look

Without UV filters

Without photosensitising ingredients



Key ingredients

St John's wort, Olive oil, Organic honey, According to a folk saying, St John's wort flowers during summer and collects sunlight to give it to the people during the gloomy months. St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum, L., Croatian: kantarion) is known since antiquity. Hypocrates, the father of medicine, was one of the first to document its beneficial properties. The rationale for the traditional use of St John's wort on skin has been scientifically validated, but modern science also points to a problem, a possibility of causing a phototoxic reaction due to the content of photosensitising hypericin. Though rare, these serious reactions should be avoided by using modern St John's wort extracts with proven absence of hypericin, so we can carelessly receive the sunlight that the noble St John's wort generously provides.


Kantarion oil is a famous traditional Mediterranean solution for intensely amber toned skin. This ointment is a modern take on tradition, made with olive oil and a specially derived St John's Wort extract free from photosensitising ingredients. The especially non-greasy texture enriched with organic honey absorbs fast, protects skin from drying out during sunbathing and does not stain clothes.